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Toronto’s Haunted Lighthouse

On Toronto Island lies a lighthouse surrounded in mystery and if the stories are true, one special ghost haunts the building. Over 150 years ago Gibraltar Point Lighthouse was erected to navigate ships into the city’s harbor. The first keeper was John Paul (J.P.) Radelmuller and it is said that he stays at his post to this day.

According to legend, it seems the lighthouse keeper had a stock of home-brewed beer on the property that he used at the time to entertain the military lads stationed at nearby Fort York. As the legends go on January 2, 1815, two such lads ventured out for a night of drinking with J.P. At some point, J.P. decided that the soldiers were too drunk and cut them off. The men didn’t take kindly to this and beat the older man with a rock.

J.P. is said to have escaped the pair of drunken soldiers, running to the lighthouse for refuge. The two men followed and caught up to him at the top of the lighthouse. A final fight took place, with J.P. falling over the railing.

The soldiers knew that if they were caught for the crime their own deaths would follow quickly. They grabbed an axe and hacked John Paul’s body to bits. They then buried each piece in its own shallow grave in the frozen sand before running away.

Two weeks later the men were caught and tried for murder. Because J.P.’s body was never completely found the courts couldn’t prove without a shadow of a doubt that the soldiers were killers and they got off.

J.P. is said to roam the lighthouse still, wanting justice.

Does the ghost of Radelmuller really walk the stairs at night, or is just a long-standing myth written in 1908 by John Ross Robertson?

Robertson claimed to have heard the story from George Durnan, the lighthouse keeper at the time. Durnan had found a piece of a human jawbone in the ground below the building, but no one knows who it was for sure. But on some windy winter night if you hear footsteps running up the lighthouse, it just could be J.P.