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World’s Tallest Lighthouse

Corea Fun Park PosterSo what do you do with 40 acres in a small Maine town, that used to house a US Navy Communications Center that was closed by the government? Well, you can chop it up and sell it to developers (although the town of Corea isn’t exactly booming), or you can do what a Maine Forest Ranger has done, and come up with your own whimsical concept, make a poster showing it and donate it to the local town.

That’s exactly what Rick Henion did. He came up with the idea of his site development plan after sitting through town meetings listening to the discussion on what to do with the site. His idea includes the following:

  • Gouldsboro International Airport
  • Six Flags Over Corea Amusement Park
  • An Outlet Mall
  • Self-Contained Nuclear Power Plant
  • Marina
  • Port For Cruise Ships
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Rail Terminal for direct Boston to Corea travel
  • McDonald’s Restaurant (of course)
  • The World’s Tallest Lighthouse

This tongue in cheek design comes complete with a poster which is now hanging in the Gouldsboro (Maine) Town Office. On the World’s Tallest Lighthouse, the descriptive flag next to it touts it “With restaurants, TV studios, cell facilities and over 900,000 square feet of commercial and retail space.”

Thanks to the Ellsworth American for brightening a winter day. Oh, and the link to the poster above leads to an interactive photo that you can zoom and more.

And just what is the world’s tallest real lighthouse? Well, there are two (and soon three) that make that claim. There’s the Yokohama Marine Tower in Japan (108 meters or 354.3 feet), the Perry Memorial Lighthouse in Ohio (107 meters or 352 feet) and a soon to be built tower in China, on the Yangtze River, which will have an elevator and observation deck. No final height was given, but it is planned to be taller than even the Pharos of Alexandria, which was 150 meters or a little over 492 feet.

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